Thursday, March 8, 2012

9:43 a.m....

you were anything but normal from the very beginning...a pregancy that was never supposed to be to a mom who was never supposed to have children.  too hard on her body, her heart would never be able to handle it...all words we had always heard.  so, we worried about her...constantly...fearful that she wouldn't make it....never imagining that you could be anything but whole...anything but perfect. 

they chose to induce never wanted to come out, breech early on and then face up for 27 hours, several of which she pushed through...the drugs did no good...the pain was unbearable even for her...someone who had endured more in her 26 years than most do in a lifetime.  she finally gave up, asked for help when she knew she could do no more. 

there are moments we can't escape from no matter how hard we try to turn the clock back or hit the fast-forward button...we are frozen in time, yet changed instantly...9:43 a.m. on march 9, 2006 was one of those moments.  eyes wide, the color of old soul many took it all in...took us all in...looking back now, it's easy to see you were absorbing everything you could in the short amount of time you were given. 

you would be six.  much has happened in those six years...some incredible, some less so.  you were a blessing, even when it was all over and we were left reeling with pain, questions, and were such a gift and there isn't a day any of us have forgotten you.  


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