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Monday, April 2, 2012

4th place....

"you can't cry, mommy.  ok?"  "not when i skate, not if i win, not at all"

rules she issued as we drove to her very first figure skating competition yesterday.  rules she felt she needed to impose because when she skated on tuesday, i did cry...not crazy, over the top crying or anything...just, proud mommy tears...the kind that well up inside your chest, making you feel you might burst trying to contain them, and you wipe your eyes continuously trying to keep them inside because it's silly to cry about stuff like watching your daughter on the ice, right?  right, well, thankfully i did keep it together yesterday...she skated her very best and i couldn't have been more proud of her!  we were blessed with a small army of fans there to cheer her on...family and friends...people we love who took time out of their day to make her feel special.  it's funny...one very short minute was all they were there for, yet it meant the world to us.  it's amazing how good that can make you feel.  after the awards were given, and pictures all taken, we wrapped things up with becca's amazing cupcakes. 

so...no tears my sweet girl...but, i held my breath...watching each spin, each jump...feeling your joy...meeting your eyes as you passed by...waiting for that final spin, and the huge smile that told us all you were done.  you were everything i imagined you would be and i couldn't be more proud. 

to everyone who came - thank you for sharing this with us...we love you all and are so thankful you cared enough to be a part of her special day.

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